who are we

The First Mall e-commerce platform and application is an emerging company in the field of information technology and works to provide all the products and tools that the customer needs indispensable on a daily basis in our daily lives.

And we offer the products easily and conveniently to the customer in the location that he selects.


Terms and Conditions
First Mall is an emerging company in the field of information technology and works to provide all the products and tools that customers need, indispensable on a daily basis in our daily lives. We reach the customer in more than one way through the applications on the Google Store or the Apple Store.

Welcome, dear customer, we will now present the terms and conditions related to sales, purchases, browsing, delivery and all sales related to First Mall. Your use of the First Mall website is your acceptance of the terms of this agreement, which includes all the details below, and the agreement is modified according to the new terms.

Register a new membership.

Membership is granted to those over 16 years of age only.
– No customer has the right to create more than one account on the site for the purpose of manipulation or any purpose that contradicts the nature of electronic commerce.
– The customer is subject to the agreement on electronic commerce in the country in which he resides, and all terms of the agreement must be adhered to

– In the case of stores.. Welcome, our dear partner.. There is a link for adding a new store, and the sales team will contact you.
– A commercial license and any other legal documents must be present in case of registering as a new store.
– After registering on the site, it is not necessary for any reason to report your data to any party, and this exposes you to legal accountability.
– In the event that the support team contacts you, you must disclose all the correct information about your data as required of you.
– We guarantee you many services, but in the event of non-compliance or manipulation, your account will be completely canceled in First Mall.

App browsing policy
– We work as an intermediary between stores and customers, so we collect products for you from hundreds of stores, in addition to First Mall products that we offer to our valued customers.
– We offer products based on many policies, including best-selling & newly arrived & funded products & store evaluation
– Browse in all the products wherever you want and choose what you like and desire, and always evaluating the products is the main driver of our quality.
– You must read the details of the products well before buying and read the delivery policy and delivery dates in order to be suitable for you.
– Each group of products falls under a specific section in order to make the shopping process easier and more enjoyable through the website.
– In the event that there are sizes and colors, make sure to choose the appropriate size, as the sizes are subject to different standards.
– There is a team that monitors the display of products on a daily basis, so we collect for you an excellent presentation of products and product details.
– We do not display stolen or unknown goods or without official sales licenses.
– The information and details displayed within each product are the result of a short-term search through the Internet pages and information from the store.
– Products that clearly harm the state, religion, politics, football, and the human race in general will not be displayed.
– We delete any comments regarding the above-mentioned matters, as we guarantee you unlimited shopping and an experience that always suits you.
– There are always notes on the products that we make in case the customer requests a special request or size, first color and others, and there are none in stock.
– In the event of any inquiries about the products, do not hesitate to contact us, our dear customer. We are always at your service.

online payment policy
In First Mall, we offer more than one payment method upon receipt, and soon with a credit card. In the future, we will provide a payment service through Apple and Google Wallet. And it provides the opportunity for the customer to pay in cash at the time of receiving the request from a representative.

We are also working on providing the First Mall wallet service, and this wallet provides the customer with credit to purchase all the products he wants at any time. Easily the customer links the wallet to the bank account and transfers a certain amount from the account to the wallet.

All sales and purchases through the site are made between a three-dimensional agreement, where the customer, the merchant and the company are the pillars of the agreement, and everyone is bound by the terms and conditions stipulated by the First Mall website.

Notes to take into account
* All customer data on the site is encrypted from bank accounts.
* It is not required to give the support team at First Mall your bank account data in a phone call or via WhatsApp, e-mail or any other form.
* We deal with more than one medium for electronic payment in order to guarantee you a more secure payment method.
* In the event of any manipulation or fraud, the customer bears all legal responsibility before the country in which he resides.
* We have a team to follow up the purchase movement through electronic payment to detect all attempts at manipulation.

Exchange Policy
As we have learned that customers are the basis of the organization’s success, so customers have every freedom to replace products after receiving them, even if there is no design defect. We are contacted either by phone number, e-mail or WhatsApp, and he shows us everything he needs and we provide him with all the help he wants.

Return Policy
It is the method that guarantees the customer his right in the event of any defects in the product or in the event of receipt in the opposite condition of what is required of it.
Within 14 days, you can return the products from the date of receipt and not the date of the order.. as we give you more opportunity to think and take the appropriate decision, and the customer must keep the invoice, which product.

Within 30 days, you can return the products in the event that there are any defects or the product is not agreed upon or .. We pay the amount paid after receiving and reviewing the products

Return methods
The customer contacts us by email or by phone number and gives us the order details such as the order number & phone number
We take the required notes and